Tiffin Lectures Endnotes

In this book the endnotes describe prominent features in the source manuscripts and discuss problems and cruxes in those original texts. When the editors have introduced emendations affecting the content (as opposed to the prose style) or have otherwise made decisions that impact on the revised text of this edition in a significant way, they have explained their reasoning in this section. By contrast, the footnotes within lectures provide information useful for general readers and abstain from more technical and detailed textual concerns.

In these endnotes all direct quotations from the source manuscripts reproduce the original text exactly, without any correction or emendation. By contrast, direct quotations in the footnotes and introductions to the lectures earlier in this book present the source text in a corrected and normalized form.

These endnotes say little about the figures. For that, readers should consult the keys that accompany the figures in the primary text as well as “Notes on the Figures” (pp. 523–34). Abbreviations for manuscripts are explained on pp. 475–77. Many of the detailed discussions of multiple manuscript sources in these endnotes can be illuminated by the chart in Appendix 1 (pp. 467–74), which shows the interrelation between manuscript sources.


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